Prayer Prayer is a conversation with God, it can be similar to our conversations with other people. It may be a short cry for help or it may be a long outpouring of hurt and pain. It may be some words of thanks and it can just be a ‘Hi, I am here, can I chat to you?’.
It can be a reading of a prayer written by others, like the prayer we find in the Bible that Jesus taught to his disciples - the Lord's Prayer, or it can be just whatever is on our hearts and in our minds.
Prayer is not about eloquent words or about saying the right things, it is about honesty and vulnerability. God loves to hear from us and to talk to us, he is always listening and he always understands how we feel. Prayer is a real privilege. Could you ever imagine that the creator of the universe would want to listen and talk to you? Well he does, so why not give it a try!
You'll find some resources and suggestions here that might help as you start to pray. Please spend some time having a look. Opportunities to pray together has details of when we join together to pray as a church family.
Can we pray for you?
We are praying each day for our community, our nation and our world. If you would like us to pray for something specific or for someone in particular please email your prayer request or call us on 02086680422 and leave your prayer request on the answerphone. Please leave your number if you would like us to contact you.