Life Groups

A Life Group is a dynamic community of about a dozen people, providing a context where people can experience the same friendship, care, coaching and disciple-making that Jesus provided for his initial group of twelve disciples. Groups meet in a church member's home or at church, weekly or fortnightly, to discuss the Bible, pray, share food and develop friendships.

Interested in joining a group? See group details below and talk to us if you would like to join a group and we help you get connected to a group near you. 

The Life Group Guide is published weekly following Sunday morning services and is a way of keeping people 
connected/involved in all that is happening at church. It contains a Bible study (based on the Sunday morning sermon) and a summary of church news and notices.

Ladies Group

Mondays 12-1.30pm
PBC Sanctuary

We are ladies of differing nationalities, united by our love of God and our desire to know Him better.

Monday Evening Group

Mondays 7.30-9.15pm
Wallington SM6 8DX

We aim to encourage each other in our faith and Christian walk. This is done chiefly through a time of Bible study, followed by a time of sharing and praying for each other’s needs.

Disciple 20s/30s Group

Mondays 7.30-9.15pm
PBC Foyer Café

We are a newly formed group, using the ‘Disciple’ 10-session multi-media interactive course to study the life-changing message of Christ to the millennial generation.

Barnabas Group

Tuesdays fortnightly 7.45pm
Sanderstead CR2 0HR or Coulsdon CR5 3GR

We meet to look at the Bible studies based on the previous Sunday’s teaching theme and spend time in prayer.

Shakespeare Group

Tuesdays fortnightly on 1st and 3rd of the month 8-9.45pm
Various homes: Purley, Kenley, Old Coulsdon

Our main focus is a Bible study based on the previous Sunday’s teaching theme. We always have a time of prayer/reflection.

Oram 20s/30s Group

Wednesdays 8-9.30pm
PBC Meeting Room 1

We have a relaxed atmosphere, where we study the Bible, engage in discussion, have time for prayer and enjoy space building authentic friendships.

Encounter Group

Wednesdays fortnightly 8.30pm
Various homes: Purley, Coulsdon, Kenley

We meet for fellowship, friendship and to study the Bible. The group is there for us to feel connected to the church, and for close support of each other.

Quartey-Papafio Group

Thursdays 8-9.30pm
Coulsdon CR5 2JS

We are a diverse group offering friendship and support for members, sharing personal Christian experiences for mutual benefit in an accepting environment.

Hardcastle Group

Thursdays fortnightly 8-9.30pm
Old Coulsdon CR5 1LJ

We are a warm friendly group that enjoy time together, learning from the Word and from each other. We all get the opportunity to serve within the group at meetings.

Breathing Space Group

Thursdays fortnightly 7.30-9.30pm
PBC Upper Hall

We welcome new and existing members each term. Evenings contain a period of stillness and reflection, teaching around the term's theme and opportunity to share our experience(s) of the Lord with other members in a triplet.

Collis Group

Thursdays at 8.15pm (term-time)
Kenley CR8 5HY

We are of various ages and seek to grow closer to God and encourage each other to live out our faith.