Our vision is: building authentic, courageous, generous Christian community

We want to enable people from all backgrounds to become mature followers of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Are you new to the church or the area? If so, you are very welcome! Please do check out our New to Church page to get all the information about what goes on at our church.

We are a large and lively church situated close to one of South London's busiest traffic intersections. We cater for all age groups and stages of life with a membership of over 400 people with 600+ people each Sunday across congregations. We are dynamic in our outlook, and bring together people from all walks of life and from different nations. We love to see new people and are confident that you will feel right at home. Services begin with a warm welcome and an invitation to join us in celebrating the good news about Jesus Christ. Our worship is vibrant and lively as we lift up His name together. We expect God to meet with us and speak to us. 

Outside of our services, activities and groups in church, we are very active in our local community. We work alongside other agencies and run our own projects to express the love of God in a practical way. Our vision statement drives what we do: Purley Baptist Church is committed to bringing God's blessing to our community.


From this small beginning will, in the near future, grow a cause which God will bless

Purley Baptist Church began informally in 1905 when Mr T Herbert Winny, a local architect, invited a small group of local Christian friends, to meet together for worship at the home of Mr Doubell at Roke Lodge, Kenley.
The invitation expressed the desire to create a cause which God will bless. The men were visionary and a chapel was built on the existing church site in 1908 and then in 1913 the church joined the Baptist Union.