Notice of a Scheme - Charity Commission

To whom it may concern

The Trustees of Purley Baptist Church (registered charity no. 1132285) in its capacity as trustee of the Purley Baptist Church Land Trust give notice that they have applied to the Charity Commission for a Scheme (a legal document).  The Scheme which has been approved in principle by the Charity Commission will remove certain restrictions which currently apply.

The church site is currently held as designated land which means that the land and buildings must be used to fulfil the church's charitable purposes only. As part of the Purley Island and Banstead Road development, should it proceed, Purley Baptist Church would grant a lease over the church site to Thornsett, the property developer, to enable the development to take place.  In return Purley Baptist Church would receive a lease of the new enhanced church and community space within the new Mosaic Place. The Scheme will allow the Trustees to grant this lease without being in breach of the terms of the trusts on which the current church site is held.

Once constructed, Purley Baptist Church would hold the new church site on the terms of the Purley Baptist Church Land Trust, including to fulfil the church's charitable purposes only. 

In addition, the new church and community space would be used to benefit the community more widely and the Trustees of Purley Baptist Church have determined that the purposes for which the property is held should be widened to give the Trustees greater flexibility in how the new church and community space is used for the benefit of the congregation as well as the wider community.  

The proposed new charitable purposes of the Purley Baptist Church Land Trust are as follows, with (b) being the addition to the existing purposes:

"Upon trust to build or permit to be built thereon a Chapel or Meeting House School and Classrooms and other such buildings and accommodation as may be necessary, usual, convenient or desirous for carrying on the work of a Christian Church and upon further trusts to permit the said land and any building now or hereafter to be erected thereon to be used occupied or enjoyed:

(a) as a place for religious worship by a Church (hereinafter referred to as “the Church”) consisting of persons holding and maintaining the doctrines usually denominated Evangelical and particularly those set out in the Articles of Faith of Purley Baptist Church (hereinafter referred to as “the Articles of Faith”; and

(b) for the provision of recreational facilities for the public at large or those who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity, or disablement, poverty or social and economic circumstances have need of such facilities provided that use of such facilities shall not be inconsistent with the Articles of Faith.”

A copy of the Scheme can be found online at or obtained from the Church Office.  If you cannot access this, please call the Charity Commission's contact centre on 0300 066 9197.

Comments or representations on the proposed Scheme can be made in writing to The Church Secretary, Purley Baptist Church, Banstead Road, Purley, CR8 3EA by 29 July 2018.  Comments or representations can also be made directly to the Charity Commission using the contact details above.

By Order of the Trustees

James Collins

Senior Minister, dated 29 June 2018

Dated 22 June 2018