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Uniformed Organisations

Uniform organisations

We partner with the 29th Purley Scout Group www.29thpurley.org to provide groups for children and young people aged 6-18 years. Based on the Scouting Movement, there are groups for boys and girls. Group times are as below.

Beavers: age 6-8  -  Boys Colony: Thursday 5pm  |  Girls Colony: Tuesday 5pm

Cubs: age 8-10 ½  -  Boys Pack: Thursdays 6.30pm  |  Girls Pack: Fridays 5.30pm

Scouts: age 10 ½-14  -  Boys Troop: Fridays 7.30pm  |  Girls Troop: Fridays 7.15pm

Explorers: age 14-18  -  Boys Troop: Fridays 7.30pm