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Mondays for Men

Mondays for Men logoMondays For Men is was it says on the can – ‘Mondays… for men’. 

Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month and start with coffee at 7.30pm, then the main meeting at 8pm.

We recognise that men have issues which can’t always be discussed in church on a Sunday morning, and so here is an opportunity for guys to get together and discuss blokish things.

The meeting, which lasts for about an 90mins, gives a chance for men to get teaching and hear testimonies on a whole range of ‘difficult’ issues.



For more infomation email Pete Snelling

Mondays For Men is part of the Men of Faith ministry


Previously discussed subjects include:

Men needing to drop their masks – to be real men.
Gavin Murray – Morden Baptist Church

Dr Trevor Stammers – Christian Medical Assoc & Morden Baptist Church
Experiences of God’s Healing
Ricky Barden – Purley Baptist Church

Being a Braveheart
John Presdee – Green Street Baptist Church

Christians and the Competative Spirit
James Collins - Redhill Baptist Church